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Lifestyle Wellness

Lifestyle Health Plans offers a fully integrated, personalized wellness and lifestyle change program as a key element of our benefit design. True to our name, Lifestyle Wellness is an incentive-based wellness solution that provides participants the opportunity to lower their out-of-pocket expenses with the plan as well as earning additional cash incentives for managing their health and health risks.  Our program responds to the need for an extensive, structured wellness solution that utilizes a creative approach and the latest technology for sustained employee engagement.

Lifestyle Wellness Portal

With so much of the healthcare claim dollars being spent on chronic and unhealthy lifestyle-related conditions, the Lifestyle Health wellness program provides a focused, proven solution to empower positive change in the health behaviors of our participants and their families. Participating employers will benefit from lower healthcare costs over time, reduced absenteeism for illness and health-related reasons, and improved productivity with their employees through the energy and enthusiasm that our wellness program brings to the corporate work environment.

How it Works:

The program is designed with a multidisciplinary focus to provide wellness and lifestyle improvement opportunities that can be personalized and customized for each participating member.

  • Online Wellness Center Portal for each member designed to be personalized, user-friendly and engaging
  • Best-In-Class, Social-Media inspired user experience through personalized Wellness Center Account
  • A program designed to be simple, clear and logical for members no matter where they are coming from on the wellness continuum
  • Goal-oriented tools, education, and activities that are measurable and verifiable
  • Valuable and meaningful deductible credit incentive structure designed to lower out-of-pocket expenses over time
  • Deductible credit matching program that culminates in an up to 100% match of deductible credits earned
  • Additional Bonus Bucks cash-based incentives available to members who take steps to manage their health and reduce health risks
  • A dynamic, personalized platform that includes targeted wellness coaching based on the member's risk profile

From initial online Health Risk Assessment (HRA) to monthly campaigns to our on-staff wellness team, Lifestyle Health Plans can provide you with a cost-saving wellness solution that is turn-key in implementation and offers proven results. 

In order to create a culture of wellness within our sponsoring employer groups, we have developed monthly wellness initiatives designed to keep lifestyle wellness top of mind for members and provide avenues for goal setting and greater involvement with the personalized web-based program. By design, we take the pressure off of sponsoring employers to generate the content and energy to keep a wellness program successful.  Lifestyle Health wellness coordinators are also available to assist with the implementation and support needed to sustain a successful program. 

We'll Match You!

In order to see an ROI on the Lifestyle Wellness Program, participation over consecutive years is essential. This is true for employer investment as well as for the employee. At Lifestyle Health, we are committed to sustaining member engagement and incentivizing members for their level of participation in the wellness program. Lifestyle Health Plans offers members a “Deductible Credit Match” and will add to the member’s earned deductible credits based upon the following schedule:

  • Program Year 2 - 25% Match
  • Program Year 3 - 50% Match
  • Program Year 4 - 75% Match
  • Program Year 5 - 100% Match

Lifestyle Health Plans is pleased to offer our wellness program as an integrated benefit in all of the plan designs we offer.

Reward Yourself!

We all know that incentives are a helpful motivator for change. In addition to earning deductible credits for wellness participation, members now have access to additional rewards for proactive health risk management through our Bonus Bucks cash incentives.  Earn cash-based incentives for taking proactive steps in managing your health and addressing health risks!

Register and log into your personalized account by visiting the Wellness Center. Learn more about which health risk management activities can earn you Bonus Bucks. At Lifestyle Health, we know wellness works. 


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